Break free from mental, emotional and spiritual bondage;

Walk in integrity and confidence;

Develop strong Godly character;

Thrive in our marriages, our professional lives and our relationships.

Fulfill purpose and.....

Leave a legacy.

Is that too much to ask?

Hi, we are the Osuagwus, and we don’t think so!

I am an inter-personal communication expert. I've worked in higher education for over 10 years helping college students and prison inmates develop the skills necessary to succeed in life and in society.

As a Nigerian born American citizen, I struggled with low self esteem growing up because I disliked my physical appearance. I soon realized that if I perfected my interpersonal skills and learned to interact with people in an honorable and considerate way using my body language, tone of voice and skillfully crafted words, I could make a deeper connection with them and build stronger relationships.

I subsequently devoted my life to learning and developing strong inter-personal communication skills that have taken my career and my relationships to the next level.

As I always say:

"What ineffective communication breaks, effective communication must fix"

Let me take you through this transformational journey!

Emeka Osuagwu

CEO of Osuagwu Unlimited Inc.

I am a motivational speaker, a life coach, a trainer, an author and an entrepreneur. I have a passion to see every man, woman and child emotionally stable and thriving in life. I am the founder and CEO of Liberating Tamar Inc., a nonprofit organization with a vision to help facilitate emotional freedom in the lives of survivors of physical and emotional abuse. I also serve as the Chief Strategy Officer of Osuagwu Unlimited Inc.

20 years ago, I started my journey towards mental, emotional and spiritual freedom and my life has never been the same since. I love the woman that I have become. After years of trauma, abuse and rejection, I've broken free from low self-esteem, depression, sexual promiscuity, fear, suicidal thoughts, anger, hatred, shame, the aftermath of sexual abuse and domestic violence etc...and I am now living my life to the fullest, thriving in my marriage, my career, my relationships and teaching others how to do the same for over a decade. My healing and deliverance journey boils down to this: With honesty, transparency consistency, and a strong support system, transformation is inevitable.

Leontine S. Osuagwu

CSO/Osuagwu Unlimited Inc



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